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Обратно к контактам
Feb 10 at 05:30
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Feb 18 at 11:39
10 комментариев
There are plenty of brokers that offer deposit bonuses to their clients. You’ll have to look.

May 30 at 17:41
640 комментариев
I think it is useless if you cannot withdraw it.

May 31 at 11:07
81 комментариев
It is very pleasant to receive a deposit bonus, and I think this is a good practice for many brokers.

May 31 at 12:19
635 комментариев
Deposit bonus is useless. It does not have any real value except your account shows more money. Better find a broker that gives good facilities.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
May 31 at 13:25
238 комментариев
Bonus gives you extra margin to trade. though you cannot withdraw it but it has benefits like no margin call or stop out. it can be beneficial at points,

Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 01 at 00:33
165 комментариев
Usually, deposit bonus has certain rules, or maybe the broker offer big amount no deposit bonus more than thousands dollar, but hidden rules, so if trader not reading the rules, they can enter in the trap, the rules may be to eligible withdraw money need deposit amount the profit and trading on certain lot size, etc.

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