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Does forex strategies usually work>

Jan 22 at 18:04
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It depends on which exactly trading strategy you are talking about. There are millions of different trading strategies and some of them work pretty well while others are just a trash. Anyway, it is necessary for a trader to have some trading strategy in order to have some trading plan. If you are going to trade occasionally without any though behind yur action, you are doomed to lose all of your money invested in trading.
The best strategies are made by the trader themselves. Surely, you can see lots of trading strategies even here, in this forum, but not all of them will suit you well just because of the fact that all of the people are different and trading styles are different as well. So, your trading strategy should be appropriate for your personality and trading style, your perception of the market and so on. Every trader should definetely work on their own trading strategy modifying it all the time and adjusting to the urrent market situation in order to make it better and more profittable.
Jan 22 at 18:24
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I cannot say that all strategies always work. It is rather to work in the market at a certain point in time.
Jan 23 at 08:58
939 комментариев
In general, I would like to understand the reason why people think that strategies always work. It should be understood that this is far from the case.
Jan 27 at 05:14
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If formulated by keeping all the factors in mind, strategies can do wonders for you. You cannot just copy a strategy. A strategy working for one trader might not work in the same way for you. You will either have to practice with that strategy for a long time or you will have to customise it according to your trading style.
Jan 28 at 14:08
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On a demo account, I see that some strategies work, while others not. However, it seems to me that as soon as I shift to a real account, I will see more non-working strategies. I mean that psychology may kick in, worsening my performance. I hope I will be better prepared for this worrisome transition.
Jan 28 at 20:24
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A strategy or system is just a term that summarizes your trading specifics. All your actions in the market should be deliberate and focused on your goals. You can call it what you want, a strategy or a system or a collection of rules, but it only works like that, only according to the plan.
Jan 29 at 05:09
20 комментариев
Yes they work if strategies are tested on different time-frames and executing the one which the probability of success if highest.
Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
Jan 30 at 02:03
49 комментариев
richardmarcus posted:
I am compartively new to trading and have many times came accross term like trading strategies can anyone explain me this it is just a myth or they work for real.?

Thanks in advance

I use a strategy called RSAi Blueprint Strategy.. it has helped me turn $3,000 2 years ago into $364,000 today.
Mar 04 at 08:31
854 комментариев
If your strategies are all technical tools, I can’t assure you of that because market never follows technical trends rather it follows fundamental trend. That’s why I suggest users to run fundamental analysis. The reason is it actually helps catch the actual market trend. The technical analysis should be accompanied by the fundamental analysis.
Mar 05 at 07:18
854 комментариев
Not all Forex strategies work well because maximum Forex strategies are technical tool based. When market shows its back side, all the strategies fall except some. So, without solely relying in a particular strategy, one should run fundamental analysis too to check whether the signal the strategy is giving is right or wrong.
Mar 06 at 06:29
102 комментариев
How will a strategy work well if it is not an efficient one? Experienced traders develop a strategy based on their experience and after making that strategy; they run some tests to prove that strategy. I like to trade using a moving average strategy because I found good result with it.
Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
Mar 06 at 07:51
49 комментариев
I can easily blow all of these opinions out of the water in 5 min of a video chat/phone conversation with me.
Mar 06 at 17:11
801 комментариев
Strategies need to be worked out on a demo account in order to understand how to work correctly. For example, when I started working with a broker , I used a demo account.
Suradi (FXOday)
Mar 06 at 23:13
401 комментариев
If traders have the experience of using expert advisors, most ea need to upgrade, sometimes work on the market but when facing another market condition, maybe the system doesn't work correctly. this is one proof if forex strategy will work all the time
Mar 07 at 12:01
939 комментариев
Definitely not. They only work under certain circumstances.
Mar 10 at 08:46
15 комментариев
Yes, but the problem is that forex market are dynamic in nature, so whichever strategy that you used will not work again or repeatedly, so you will have to try to formulate again and again.
Mar 10 at 09:37
801 комментариев
The answer is unequivocal - no. To work out all the strategies, I worked on a demo account of the broker. For a trader, this is a really convenient option.
AayushiShah (AayushiShah)
Mar 11 at 07:55
15 комментариев
Every market requires a different strategy. Some techniques are more effective in trending markets, while others are better in rage or volatile markets. Take some time to learn about the market you're in and what methods are most suited to those circumstances.

The more time you devote to learning and practicing a plan, the better you'll get at executing it. You'll have a better idea of what's working and what isn't if you take a thorough approach. It will be more difficult to establish what aspects are driving your performance if you modify your plan too frequently or add needless complexity. Stick to the basics and trade with the trend when in doubt to maintain the odds in your favor.
Mar 11 at 09:22
939 комментариев
Strategies don't always work. For example, when I worked with a broker, I used a demo account to learn strategies.
BigPips Trades (DonTW)
Mar 13 at 15:01
13 комментариев
The Biggest problem is not really strategy but:

Goal and Accountability!
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