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Elliott Wave Cheat Sheet: All You Need To Count

Mohamad Haydar (MohamadHaydar)
Mar 01 at 09:16
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Elliott Wave Cheat Sheet explains all Elliott Waves theory patterns including rules, guidelines, internal structure and Fibonacci ratios.

Elliott wave cheat sheet shortens the time and helps you to understand Elliott theory in a very simple way, Elliott Wave cheat sheet is made to be your only reference.
Motive wave in Elliott Wave theory is the wave that does the action, while the corrective wave is the reaction of the first wave. The motive wave pushes the price in the same direction of the main trend. Motive wave patterns can’t be in the form of 3 waves.
Impulse Wave
The Impulse wave in Elliott Wave Theory is the wave that pushes the prices in the same direction as the trend at one larger degree. It’s the action wave. While the corrective wave is the reaction to the first wave. Therefore, the corrective wave moves in the opposite direction of the main trend.

Mar 01 at 14:32
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