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Street Pips (streepips)
Apr 28 2010 at 21:24
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😁 got cha, psych your mind😀 is anybody that doesn't not have a robot? live trading people???? I'm asking if there is any traders here that trades a live account that does not own a robot period? I not talking about you trade, but sometimes use a EA, fully live account? there is nothing wrong with having a robot think I mean place trades for you, I'm just curious? the ways you guys talk I going to make an EA, then be able to fund my own account 1000 times faster, what should I name him r2d2, data from star trek, or robo cop, 'died or alive your coming with me punk'😀 wait I don't remember did robo cop say punk at the end??? oh well
Apr 28 2010 at 21:29
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Good Luck with that!! There are plenty of manual traders on Myfxbook (in fact most of the profitable systems are manual) - Making a profitable robot is VERY hard!! Hmmmm... for some reason I dont think you have the skills to do it. So call your robot 'Crash and Burn v1.00'.
Street Pips (streepips)
Apr 28 2010 at 23:42
20 комментариев
your right I don't have the skills to make one thats what nerds are for, for some reason you sound affended😭, I don't create to crash, I create cash, thats not in my character...... how long did it take you to come up with that? I bet you 100 push up my EA won't have a 10% draw down buddy, and I'm not talking to you I said non automated traders, and anybody else with idiotic comments keep them to yourself unless you have less than 5% drawdown combined with +1% rate of return so that narrows the comments down to Hmmmmmmmm 100 traders here, you know what that was kind of mean.....😐......
Street Pips (streepips)
Apr 28 2010 at 23:43
20 комментариев
this is not mean I'm talking to certain traders not everybody
Apr 28 2010 at 23:45
131 комментариев
I'm averaging 6% a month with 9% DD - I could easily cut my lotsizes in half and average 3% a month with less than 5% DD. No problem.
Global Asset Management (gbl_am)
Apr 30 2010 at 10:43
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I wasted so much of my early fx trading career searching for the new indicator or EA to deliver the millions. I have never been sucked into buying a robot (you can find most of them for free anyway) and there is no alternative to learning and screen time. Surely logic supports this. People who believe they can sit on their backside all day and watch the money roll in are very misguided indeed.
I trade manually every time and the the recent a-ha moment I had has proved my theory. I don't even use indis anymore, although they can serve a purpose.

Apr 30 2010 at 10:51
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manual trading and the skill to follow price action makes the most profit but it takes LOTS of practice to get good at it. I could never overcome the greed/fear emotions so I can ONLY trade by robot. Its not easy to make a working bot but the end result is worth it. Sitting back and watching your money machine work is just payback for the years it can take to make the robot. (and most NEVER come up with profitable systems)
Street Pips (streepips)
May 03 2010 at 12:54
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@ Global Asset Management, I've just checked your stat's......😎very respectable numbers, BUT I'll tell you why, LOW draw down, great returns, but guess what? the most important??..........TP/SL................. MONEY MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is refreshing to speak to an investor who is not afraid to take risk......by an investor not taking control of his/her account by not placing a stop/loss and take/profit on every trade shows a lack of confidence in their system, now I'm not saying robots are bad, I'm saying I would like to talk to investors like myself that trade live and don't use robo cop, thats it....... Oh and guess what @ Global Asset Management??? I only trade the GBP/CHF....because that is a story of old MONEY, come on? the Swiss😎? I like your style, oh yea I forgot no indicators???? 😎😎😎
May 04 2010 at 15:43
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Considering forex is no more than a coin toss anyway.
May 04 2010 at 16:07
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Great and nice low dd also.
You have the right approach as long as your not greedy you will do fine with a good EA trading Forex.
Example with my EA if I use the low risk setfile I made it will give you around 10% max per month but it also gives you over a 500 pip risk. This means the market would have to move against you more than 500 pips without a single retrace to blow your account. Needless to say this might happen every few years or never happen depending on what currency your trading and if it does happen you have more than enough time to turn the EA off and handle your trades manually.

The settings I use on my EA I consider risky for the average trader. But I can have the dd get up to 30% or so and then turn the EA off and trade out manually wit my recovery system. My point is you can have a EA that you can set and forget , you will not make a lot of profit but lets face it 100% per year is a lot more than you will get from any bank..

to the other poster Forex is nothing like a coin toss you can beat the market every single day if you know how to.
This is done every day by professional traders, they do not lose but then again they do not trade unless they have the odds stacked on their side.
Good luck with your trading

Fulltime247 posted:
    I'm averaging 6% a month with 9% DD - I could easily cut my lotsizes in half and average 3% a month with less than 5% DD. No problem.
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