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How long it takes to be profitable

Jan 03 at 07:20
589 комментариев
No one knows. It differ from person to person. And even most people never get into it. It Will depend on various factors. If you come to forex by knowing that it's the easiest thing to do, first you have to unlearn yourself. Then we have to relearn everything. How quick learner you are that's a matter. How well you can apply your knowledge that's also important matter. So it's better to learn without any negative thinking.

Jan 03 at 23:09
14 комментариев
Some people would say well said, but I would say it's pretty obvious.

Feb 02 at 05:03
33 комментариев
I agree! Learning everything from scratch is the way to go in forex. There are so many different strategies and tools that newbies should be familiar with.

Feb 04 at 12:07
80 комментариев
There is no particular time, it only depends on your skills and knowledge.

Feb 10 at 14:57
624 комментариев
It depends on your mindset. The stronger the trading mindset, the sooner you can be profitable.

Feb 10 at 17:15
1 комментариев
It depends on the industry, your strategy and the amount of money you're investing.

Sherif (sherifmesseha)
Feb 10 at 20:25
2 комментариев
the keys (self experience for just 9 months)
1-be master in one or two strategies.
2-be commitment with your risk management.
3-read every day about just two things (your strategy and psychology)
4-forget your emotions when you trading just follow the trading strategy.
5- identify reasonable monthly income and when you got that, just go out of the market for rest of the month and learn more.
6-if you got your goals for four to six months, right here you will know you are on the way to be profitable and consistent trader.
the results
at least 10% profit per month for four months consecutively

Feb 11 at 08:14
65 комментариев
As for me, you can see tangible results from trading after a year of work.

Feb 17 at 10:42
65 комментариев
This completely depends upon the individual’s understanding level of forex trading. I took around 10 - 11 months to take up my success ratio to 60 to 70 % of whole trades. If you have a mentor to guide, this period may be shorter than mine.

Feb 17 at 11:13
147 комментариев
there is no fixed time..it depends on the trading strategy.

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