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The incredible resilience of MT4 vs MT5

Jul 30 2019 at 12:39
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Aqissiaq posted:
togr posted:
Astronautica posted:
You say that MT5 is better for backtesting but how do you get long periods of historical tick data? For MT4 you can use tickstory but I do not know anything that is available for MT5.

In MT5 you do NOT need to provide data.
These are downloaded from broker directly.

How many years of data can you get? Is it tick data? I looked once before and only saw a years worth of data

Maybe yearly data but I am not sure; since I have a very short term trading experience on Mt5 trading!

Sep 12 2020 at 10:53
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Adribaasmet posted:
Yes I see, many traders are using the live trading service of Mt5 trading platform but till now I am trading with the Mt4; I am quite happy on the technical features of the Mt4! So, I have no plan to change it.

Same for me. I am quite fine in mt4. if I will face problem in mt4 I will then go to the mt5. Otherwise I am happy with mt4.

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