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It is a very wrong idea

Feb 23 at 07:42
12 комментариев
I agree that there are some traders who go against the trend and still make profits. But such a step doesn’t turn out to be beneficial for every trader. You must make your decisions wisely.

Feb 23 at 08:35
6 комментариев
I never liked the idea of going against the markets, just trade with your intention of making pofits. going against it is a bad idea in the end

Feb 23 at 10:02
6 комментариев
Going against the market is a big risk. But he who does not take risks does not drink champagne. Is not it. But the point is that high-risk traders are more likely to lose their accounts.

Mar 16 at 10:59
24 комментариев
Following the trend in the market is the best way to go about trading forex.

Mar 16 at 11:11
2 комментариев
I also prefer following the market trend. I enter the market in the direction of the trend and hold the position until the trend reverses.

Mar 16 at 11:44
80 комментариев
The Forex market keeps changing, if one will follow the market then market will also be in their favour. Going against the market is never profitable.

Mar 16 at 14:27
48 комментариев
Trend is your friend mate, along with order flow! Trade with it and you will be good.

Mar 16 at 17:53
441 комментариев
Always follow the trend. Never trade against trends unless you know what you are doing.

Mar 24 at 05:22
11 комментариев
That’s right. It is better to keep trading with the market and focus on improving your trades.

Mar 24 at 08:45
60 комментариев
Agreed and even some of the experienced forex traders prefer to trade with trend. I think we should adjust the sails according to the direction of wind not against it.

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