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Leverage is useful or not ?

Mar 01 at 12:12
801 комментариев
For work it is very beneficial, in my opinion. It seems to me that when used correctly, you really need to know how to do it correctly.
Mar 01 at 12:59
251 комментариев
Leverage is a double-edged sword and your side is much sharper
Mar 02 at 06:24
158 комментариев
Leverage plays a vital role in determining your risk factor because you can increase and decrease your trading lot size depending on leverage. But, bear one thing in mind that the higher the leverage is, the higher the risk as well as the return is. But, I prefer using small lot in trading.
Mar 03 at 07:04
17 комментариев
Leverage is neither inherently good nor bad. Leverage amplifies the good or bad effects of the income generation and productivity of the assets in which we invest.
Be aware of the potential impact of leverage inherent in your investments, both positive and negative, and the volatility therein.
Analyze the potential changes in the costs of leverage of your investments, in particular an eventual increase in interest rates.
Invest in top- and bottom-line growth, not just in increasing asset prices.
Invest in productivity enhancement broadly; in other words, invest in creating economic well-being to satisfy human needs.
Mar 03 at 10:22
801 комментариев
Rather yes than no. But again, a lot depends on the trader himself.
Mar 03 at 16:49
939 комментариев
It depends how you use it. I think everyone should understand how to relate to this.
Mar 07 at 08:53
60 комментариев
Using leverage can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, which is why it is important for traders to gain forex knowledge to avoid such risks.

Though leverage can give a good trading balance and a profit, the loss involved is also higher or the same as the profit made.
Mar 07 at 10:54
33 комментариев
It is useful when you dont have sufficient funds in your account and you want to open a trade that you think might have a sure shot positive return. But always apply SL and TP.
Mar 07 at 11:53
939 комментариев
Definitely, with the right approach, you can use it to your advantage. But it requires knowledge and understanding.
Mar 08 at 09:00
56 комментариев
Leverage is very useful for forex traders to trade if they do not have the money. Leverage is a double-edged sword, and if not used cautiously, it can backfire on the trader.
Mar 08 at 12:23
15 комментариев
Leverage can be proven useful if you know how to take them with a right approach, else you are going to wipe your account out.
Mar 09 at 12:53
132 комментариев
when you have good trading plan , any kind of leverage can be better for trading . so should make a perfect money management.
Mar 09 at 18:29
213 комментариев
Mar 09 at 19:21
1 комментариев
as long as you have worked our your position size correctly and have a stop loss in place, leverage wont hurt you
Suradi (FXOday)
Mar 09 at 22:55
397 комментариев
Leverage giving advantages and disadvantages, the main advantage of using leverage is traders can open a trade using the smallest margin requirement, so possible start trading using low budget trading, but the risk using high leverage is when traders cant control decisions and take high-risk trading, called greedy, this is leverage act like disastrous for account trading, usually margin call quickly occurs.
Mar 10 at 09:51
801 комментариев
Definitely important. I think that if you have experience, you can really make a profit thanks to this.
Mar 10 at 11:59
740 комментариев
leverage contains huge risk , so we the traders should make sure first of all most powerful risk management including a perfect trading plan.
Aug 16 at 11:32
19 комментариев
Levearage can be useful for traders who want to trade with more capital but lack the funds.

There is risk in using leverage, but it also depends on the leverage size, whether it is higher or lower.
Aug 18 at 05:02
53 комментариев
Choosing the correct level of leverage is crucial for traders to manage risk because it can magnify both gains and losses.And I prefer leverage below 30x.
Aug 19 at 04:27
57 комментариев
Leverage chosen wisely can be advantageous to the traders.

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