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Looking for the best broker

Mandok (Amado95)
Aug 28 at 06:26
2 комментариев
Hello beautiful people, I'm a beginner, I'd been looking for a good broker for Forex in US. I just want to lose my money with some of responsability. Could you give me some opinions about IG, Oanda, Athens Market or Forex.com. thnxs a lot
Sep 13 at 11:59
27 комментариев
You can trade with CMC or FP Markets they are good brokers with proper regulation from entities such as ASIC and FCA. The trading conditions are robust.

I mainly trade with FP markets for scalping because of their competitive spreads and commission cost, the customer service is also prompt in solving clients' queries.
Sep 13 at 19:16
71 комментариев
Oh I like that you even treat the loss of money responsibly. But here it depends on your desires. The promoted regulations, alas, still do not give any guarantees and in cases of a large number of complaints do not punish the broker in any way. So relying on regulation is like advertising, the packaging is beautiful, but the inside is shit, lmao. Look here for reviews of brokers. But I will say not everyone works from the United States, unfortunately.
Sep 14 at 17:04
145 комментариев
A reliable broker provides traders with all necessary facilities like high security of funding, good amount of leverage, narrow spread in most of the pairs, flexible margin level, and other facilities moderately.
Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 15 at 01:35
392 комментариев
Choosing a broker is important for traders, I have good experience trading with FXOpen, based experiences all withdrawn smoothly to processed.
Trading condition also they offer low spread.
Sep 16 at 09:19
32 комментариев
FP Markets is a good choice. I have been trading with the RAW (ECN) account for a while now. Their spreads are some of the tightest out there (at least in the major pairs-averages are 0 for the most part of the day in EURUSD).

If you choose their Raw Spreads account, the commission charged per lot is $6 per round lot, which is slightly cheaper than other similar ECN brokers.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 21 at 16:30
377 комментариев
Hi! I'm also from the US, I did a ton of research on brokers when I started because of that. I remember I almost went with Oanda, but their prices are a bit high. Ultimately went with CedarFX because their costs are slightly lower and they have a 0 commission account, so I felt like it was a better deal in the end.
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