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4xlee (4xlee)
Jan 16 2012 at 02:51
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Hi all,

I'm looking to create an decent iPad application for myfxbook. I know there's already an iPad app in the App Store, but from what I hear, it hasn't hit the mark.

I wanted to get some feedback on a few things before I get in to this, so if you have some time to answer all or some of the following, I'd really appreciate it:

1. I'm going to keep the cost to a minimum, or nothing if I can. What is the most you would realistically pay for this App if it worked beautifully, and had good functionality and features?

2. Do you know if there's anyone already developing an App for the iPad (apart from the one we already know about) - I won't waste my time if there is 😉

3. What features and functionality would you like to see in the App?

If you could PM your answers to me, that would be great!

Thanks heaps - I'll keep you posted on progress.


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