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Обратно к контактам
May 10 at 10:32
886 комментариев
Forex market place is a part of ocean where there is anyone who can survive in a proper way without most powerful analyzing trade knowledge; if you are a newcomer please go to Babypips School which is very supportive for the newcomers to acquire all fundamental knowledge. And trade a demo account at any broker, learning and practicing is a great combination and this can will help you must be if you try it.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
May 10 at 10:51
238 комментариев
for shining one needs to be disciplined and focussed on what and when to do

May 13 at 11:54
71 комментариев
Practice and experience is what will help you shine in forex. That has given me great results atleast :D

ForexReverse (FedericoLin)
May 13 at 16:42
19 комментариев
Patience, discipline and never giving up

Experience is the hardest teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.
May 14 at 10:10
9 комментариев
Never stop learning and analyse EVERYTING

May 15 at 08:30
38 комментариев
Knowing simply the basics won’t suffice. When I first created a demo account after doing a half-baked course on trading, I thought I had the ground covered and went live after a week on demo trading. Obviously i lost all my money. So no, only basic knowledge will not do.
Polishing, or “shining” of skills is so important.
Backtesting is important.
Consistent rework on trading plans is important.
Because when I restarted my trading career with the same broker and the same platform, but with a different approach, I saw profits.
So there’s no room for complacency in trading, practice and practice more!

May 15 at 09:26
330 комментариев
Practice is very important for every trader to build a good career in this market.

May 16 at 07:33
29 комментариев
You can really learn the theory and think that you can easily trade. But in practice, it turns out a little differently.

May 17 at 12:28
30 комментариев
FedericoLin posted:
Patience, discipline and never giving up

Good and simple advice. Appreciate it.

May 30 at 13:00
639 комментариев
Knowledge becomes successful only when we can apply it properly. Execution is essential. A lot of individuals can't execute their knowledge due to absence of discipline and plans.

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