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Signals are profitable?

Philipp (Philipp6525)
Apr 28 at 06:36
10 комментариев
I believe that in the long term, an automatic strategy without timely correction will lead to an account drain. since systematic changes in the market will not allow the algorithms set in the system to work.

May 03 at 15:15
37 комментариев
It is profitable if you trade with a proper broker because most signal provides are good, but due to wrong brokers, they fail to meet the profit, which is why I trade with a reliable broker.

Alan (alanproject)
May 06 at 01:28
10 комментариев
I am using Signal Start for my signals.. it's a additional bonus to my income stream and requires zero extra effort besides the initial setting up of it. If you have a system that is profitable and others can pay you to copy it, why not?

May 17 at 07:43
4 комментариев
You are right and they can be profitable at times but might not work all the time. I have tried to make use of them time and again but I don’t usually go about using signals. I focus on my strategy and reducing the risk in order to make a profitable trade.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
May 17 at 10:24
238 комментариев
thats correct. they can be profitable but no one knows for how long. there is noit 100% guarantee

May 17 at 14:44
17 комментариев
To be honest i'd not want be signal provider, even if i'd be much profitable.It's too much responsible. and most of all traders who take signals dont want be responsible for it.

May 17 at 17:21
682 комментариев
I also think manual trading is the best strategy to profit. If I want to become a profitable trader, I must believe in myself.

Suradi (FXOday)
May 18 at 00:00
170 комментариев
I don't know, I can rely on signal trading in my daily trading activity, I realize if not always able to make a profit, but so far still enjoy my own trading strategy, this is like an art game, we can use and adopted strategy trading and try it, sometimes do something like as hobby although need sacrifice but as long make a fun, it's happy, just like people hobby to fishing, although they go the center river because fun then not scared, sometimes withdraw money sometimes margin call, its forex trading not always giving a stable profit.

May 30 at 11:51
338 комментариев
Not really. Signals are not profitable. Signals providers give you a lot of signals everyone. It is not possible to open all the trades they provide. In average they may have good winning percentage. But you will lose.

May 31 at 14:33
15 комментариев
Using signals brings in profits, but finding the right signal is a bit of a task, and they are not perfect every time, so it is better to use a good broker with a reliable signal to achieve good profits.

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