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There are lot of traders who

Jan 29 at 12:13
298 комментариев
There are lot of traders who relay just on forex. But to depend just on forex, you require time. You can't do it just from the very beginning. When you begin influencing reliable to benefit, at exactly that point you can do it. For this you require great learning and aptitudes.

Jan 29 at 17:51
614 комментариев
Success depends on both knowledge and experience. Survive in the market to gain both.

Jan 30 at 13:05
588 комментариев
It is true that success in forex trading need time to acquire. So, focus on surviving in this market.

Jan 30 at 16:33
632 комментариев
You need to use some interesting strategies to gain trading knowledge. The strategy by which you can gain a consistent profit.

Jan 31 at 13:38
589 комментариев
A strategy good for me may not good for you. Forex is 90% psychological. And every person is different from others psychologically. My opinion is you should invest your time in learning and researching. Babypips has a very good resources for learning. Trading is all about skills. To make money from here you have to be skilled.

Feb 01 at 08:32
23 комментариев
There are a lot of traders who thinks forex is a get rich quick scheme which is false. It takes time and knowledge to achieve something.

Feb 01 at 11:24
82 комментариев
There are a lot of traders who want to earn quick profits, but it is not child play. You need to come with proper knowledge and skilled enough to become an expert in Forex trading.

Feb 02 at 12:06
84 комментариев
You require in depth knowledge of the forex market to gain consistent profits.

Feb 02 at 22:52
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Feb 03 at 12:32
84 комментариев
It is true that if you want to trade full time or are thinking of trading as a career option, then you must understand that in-depth knowledge of the market is required. You cannot make a strategy for yourself without proper knowledge and skill-set.

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