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Trading with borrowed money

Mar 25 at 13:59
298 комментариев
Trading itself is the most risky business in the world. And when you are taking loan to trade, you are actually multiplying your risk. Trading should be done with idle money. Money that you can afford to lose. Yes you can trade with other's money on profit sharing basis. But for that first you have to prove your consistency in profit making.

Mar 25 at 14:52
30 комментариев
It is very risky to borrow money in order to trade; responsibility is lost and the risk of losses increases.

Shakeel Ahmed (Shakeel96786)
Mar 25 at 14:57
1 комментариев
It very truly said, but forex trading is practicing economic knowledge and emotions, with smart money management you can earn profit for your self and your lender also but it is not a baby game ,

Gibra (Manecula)
Mar 25 at 19:23
7 комментариев
I know some gut who borrowed about 30k $
and after a few month he got about 50K
do you think he stopped and bring money back? NO
what a unique person

Apr 06 at 14:23
664 комментариев
It is good, especially for small traders. But it also exposes risk. So, use it carefully.

Apr 06 at 16:35
690 комментариев
Yes, that's right but I think if I can handle trading knowledge properly then trading is possible with any money. But first I have to acquire knowledge and develop skills.

Apr 07 at 06:15
13 комментариев
It can be a bit difficult to trade with borrowed money as the risk is likely to be high as well. Make sure you check the credentials of the person you want to be in business with.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Apr 07 at 06:48
219 комментариев
You certainly CANNOT take the risk of borrowing money and then trading with it. Its a disastrous mistake. Trading itself involves a very high risk of losing your capital so why would you want to loose borrowed capital and then pay interest on top of it?

The more your practice, the more you learn.
lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Apr 07 at 07:20
238 комментариев
borrowing money to trade is not at all a good idea. one should borrow money only if there is a surety of money returning. But as forex is risky one needs to be sure before investing or trading

Apr 07 at 09:55
9 комментариев
Isn't using leverage the same as borrowing money?

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