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xcalibur (xcalibur)
Jan 11 2010 at 01:43
44 комментариев
I have enabled twitter in my MT4 accounts and yet when i open a trade and all that stuff,i don't find the tweet in my titter account,what could possibly be the problem?

Jan 11 2010 at 08:56
941 комментариев
You can't tweet from MT4 for starters, you have to enable it in my fxbook.

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 11 2010 at 09:59
1394 комментариев
xcalibur, as Elkart pointed out, the twitter connection must be enabled, then you must choose which accounts you want to use twitter.

Please contact us privately if you're having trouble setting it up.

Thank you.

Jan 11 2010 at 10:02
941 комментариев
Errr...any support jobs going? I never sleep....

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 11 2010 at 10:04
1394 комментариев
Not at the moment but you're on the top of our list 😄.

Jan 27 at 10:53
17 комментариев
You will have to enable the twitter option for it. You can’t directly tweet via MT4 in my opinion.

Jan 27 at 11:21
11 комментариев
Just use MT4 push notifications. NO need for twitter

Feb 23 at 04:10
12 комментариев
I don’t think you will need twitter for it and you can also work with push notifications on your MT4.

Mar 16 at 05:55
15 комментариев
You should contact the platform directly for this.

yana hansen (78678676)
Mar 16 at 10:51
137 комментариев
Get in touch with the twitter support agent.

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