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We should not think

Feb 03 at 11:42
17 комментариев
I know, unrealistic and illogical goals only serve as negative motivation to be honest since they are never met. Therefore, we should focus on making achievable ones.

Feb 03 at 12:16
947 комментариев
protecting your capital is very important, it focuses on money management and risk management, its most important issue to avoid unfortunate risk and losses.

Feb 10 at 15:05
632 комментариев
The trader's goal is met only when he is bound by a discipline. Trading for the sake of strange profits can never bring success.

Feb 10 at 15:19
147 комментариев
Yes, we should focus on our goals rather than trying to figure out other's strategies of trading

Feb 11 at 05:23
102 комментариев
Agreed, unrealistic goals will take a person close to blowing his account rather than helping him to earn well. Traders should focus on aiming at logical targets, so that trading remains a practical game for them, rather than something impossible to achieve.

Feb 17 at 10:42
67 комментариев
As a trader we should not think much of prices going up, this can lead to generate a greed factor in us. We should know when to timely open/close the position.

Feb 17 at 10:47
55 комментариев
Well its always better to maintain a balance. Overthinking can be really harmful for the psychology of a trader.

Feb 26 at 10:03
17 комментариев
A trader’s major focus must be on improving skills rather than making profits. If you think that you will do good if you focus on making profits, you need to rethink. What will you do without skills?

Feb 26 at 14:07
298 комментариев
To be an expert, we need to spend many years in forex trading. As far as I am concerned, it is my second year of trading and I am feeling a clear difference in my trading. Now I have more options and trading tools and I am getting some decent profit also.

Feb 27 at 02:03
298 комментариев
One should build faith in one's analysis. If you can trade with discipline, you can get much better results from trading.

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