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When a trader is a newbie

Mar 17 at 18:38
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Every new trader should practice on a demo account before investing their money in this risky market.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Mar 18 at 07:05
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Numeromatt posted:
blandpatsyy posted:
marktaylor posted:
blackChelsea posted:
I think a trader is still a newbie if he has no knowledge of the forex market although he is trading on call and trade. The real trader is the one who is trading on forex with his skills. The tag of newbie can only be removed with experience.

Yes, a skilled trader will surely benefit from the market and since they know how everything works, they can be at an advantage.

Yes but skills and perfection comes with practice. There is a whole process that a trader goes through, be it from learning the basics to familiarising with different aspects of the market. Like I’ve been stuck on this strategy (range trading) for some time and I’ve been practising on CMC Markets, Avatrade but the improvement is slow. It certainly takes a long time to actually be close to perfection when it comes to trading.

It is good that you decided to stick to a strategy and learn it properly first. Hope you get there soon!

yes,Its always the best thing to practice before investing chunks of capital, its a well defined fact, the more your practice the more you learn and this shouldn't be done in hurry. A newbie must take his time to cultivate his skills

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Mar 18 at 12:30
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Every trader committed errors in trading. Most common error is they take impulsive decision to open a trade. They don't follow any rules. They don't have any risk management policy. The main problem is they don't study about market and trading. They try to copy some strategy.

Mar 19 at 04:36
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Michihito posted:
When a trader is a newbie in Forex , the first thing he or she should be doing to do more of the learning. The beginner traders do not know which road to take in Forex and that is why they are always getting confused, it is better when they take their practicing and learning very serious so that they can learn better.

Just go with the demo account and rest will follow

Mar 24 at 10:38
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Yes, learning should be the first and the last step in trading and a newbie should focus on that.

Apr 07 at 10:50
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Learning is truly an important step in forex and every beginner should be aware of the process.

Apr 08 at 05:32
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new Forex trader always try to bring profit with no learning , its totally a wrong mentality. without learning there is no way of earning.

Apr 11 at 17:20
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Mohammadi posted:
new Forex trader always try to bring profit with no learning , its totally a wrong mentality. without learning there is no way of earning.

Yes. that is the main problem of most of the new traders.

Apr 12 at 08:42
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when i was new in trading i was profitable in the demo but when start live trading result was completely different. actually we see lots of difference between demo and live

Apr 12 at 13:06
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A newbie should not think that for success in trading, it doesn't require much study and experience. Trading does require extensive knowledge and skills. And a newbie should work keeping that in mind.

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