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Where to find reliable historic data?

Apr 15 2015 at 07:17
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After Alpari went bankrupt, I lost the mt4 platform where I was downloading historic data to run the strategy tester. Where should I download reliable historic data to feed the mt4 strategy tester as my broker do not offer that?
I also need cfd indexes (dax30, eurostox50, spx500, dow30, etc.) commodities and metals.
I need at least a couple of years (let's say from 2013) of 1 min. data.
When I mean reliable data I mean that testing in 'every tick' mode I would like to get a quality of 99% and most of all I need that those data comes with not errors or holes.
Can you please help me?

Apr 15 2015 at 09:56
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Try SQ Tick Data Downloader, you'll need a CSV2FXT script but you should be able to find that.

Cpxpoint International Limited (Cpxpoint)
Apr 15 2015 at 12:36
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Hi mendeco,

If you want to get some for free then definitely, the best choice would be Dukascopy or Oanda, they both have high quality tick-by-tick data feeds, considering it is offered for free. Modeling quality of 99.9% in both cases.

DC: https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/marketwatch/historical/
OANDA: https://fxtrade.oanda.com/account/login?app_name=Ticks&next=/trade-forex/fxtrade/historical-data

Apr 15 2015 at 18:53
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Apr 16 2015 at 06:37
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forextester.com has free consistent data without the holes.

Apr 16 2015 at 06:37
631 комментариев
check out tickstory.com for 99% tick data

Apr 16 2015 at 06:43
43 комментариев
Thank you from me too...very useful info. I will check those links tomorrow and the SQ Tick Data Downloader.

Apr 17 2015 at 08:44
4 комментариев
I posted a link about forextester.com as I also use their free data but it got deleted and I don't know why. Maybe the moderators thinks that I'm advertising, then I saw RedRhino's post about forextester but it's not deleted so mine might have just been deleted by moderators by mistake. :)

Anyway, forextester is so far the best FREE data I have used (due to its long historical data) and if someone has a better one then please share it here. Thanks!

Apr 17 2015 at 13:50
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hii guys..
thanks for the information friends .it was really helpful for me ..
thank you..

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