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Why professional traders are better than Ordinary traders

Mar 24 at 11:02
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Участник с Mar 23, 2023   35 комментариев
Mar 24 at 11:02
I will start my first topic on this forum by given reason why professional traders are better than Ordinary trader.

In my on definition as a professional trader that have been trading for 15 years, traded with various Fund companies, A professional trader follows all the rules set for trading each day, but Ordinary Trader do not.

This is why professional traders makes profits week in, week out. Examples to say are;

Each day as a professional trader, before any trading for the day, you checklist your rules and follow it each time you place a trade, But ordinary traders don't take stick to rules.

Professional trader can wait patiently for the for several hours for the market to hit a lowpoint before placing buy, or to hit highpoint before placing sell,But ordinary traders tend to gamble with the market positions.

Professional traders can use 1 hour from several hours after eating for like 8 hours or more, and capitalize on that one hour to make all profits for the day, But ordinary trader can wast several hours gambling and losing money.

Professional traders accept loss at the bearest minimum, in otherwords we know when we are wrong and take loss, because that is part of trading, But ordinary traders do not accept when they are wrong, instead they keep hoping for market reversal in their favour, thereby taking in more loss than never should have been.

Professional trader are extremely patient, but Ordinary traders do not.

Professional traders uses risk to reward rations for each trades, like for me, for each one dollar is risk, I expect 10 folds in return, but Ordinary traders do no trade with risk to reward rations.

Professional traders are very mindful of Drawdown. I keep my Drawdown 10% to 20% maximum, But Ordinary traders don't keep those records.

Professional traders risk not more than 2% or below account balance to gain 10%, But ordinary traders risk 100%.

Professional traders know when to quit even though they can still be making profits, but Ordinary traders tends to overtrade.

I will stop here and wish you all GreenPips.

(Francis Zandar is a Professional trader and trading advisor to some private firms)
Участник с Mar 03, 2023   15 комментариев
Mar 24 at 11:22
How can a beginner stop being nervous while trading?
Участник с Mar 23, 2023   35 комментариев
Mar 24 at 11:31
A beginner can stop being nervous by using stop loss. Assuming you have account if 10k, Risk 50 or 100 Bucks for a trading entry, make sure that your stops are set to exit your trades at that.

In return for that Risk, aim 300 to 500 bucks as profits.
Участник с Oct 18, 2021   90 комментариев
May 03 at 13:25
Honestly, everything is obvious from the name of the thread. I don't even know what else to discuss here.
Участник с Aug 19, 2021   203 комментариев
May 09 at 19:04
Oh really. There is a direct description of a professional cyborg, not a trader. And a trader can make mistakes and do not always do what is indicated in your list. Will a trader stop being professional in this case? lol.
Участник с May 10, 2023   44 комментариев
May 10 at 15:07
Francis, thank you for sharing your insights. In your experience, what other qualities or strategies do you believe contribute to the success of professional traders in the market?
Участник с Apr 24, 2023   35 комментариев
May 15 at 13:24
Simply because of experience matter, to be a professional trader , is like to be a pilot, it requires a minimum hours of co flying before he can fly alone....
money never sleeps
Участник с Apr 16, 2018   12 комментариев
May 15 at 14:37
I find that patience is such an important factor and separates the pro from the joe. Most traders want to trade 10 times a day and win almost all trades whereas a pro will wait for 1 or 2 trades a day at most and will expect to win on AVERAGE not every trade
Участник с Oct 01, 2022   53 комментариев
May 22 at 14:03
professional traders never trader with emotions that general traders do always
Участник с Apr 24, 2023   35 комментариев
May 22 at 14:22
This is absolutely correct AdomKutler
money never sleeps
Участник с May 06, 2023   46 комментариев
May 23 at 02:52
Professional traders can control their emotions
It is difficult for ordinary traders to control their emotions
With the help of EA, ordinary traders can also make wrong judgments without being affected by emotions😁
The market always has unpredictable fluctationes,risk management is always the number one priority
Участник с Oct 21, 2022   9 комментариев
May 30 at 14:36
Professional traders CAN make good profit:)
Участник с Sep 02, 2022   36 комментариев
Jun 15 at 10:31
Thats true. Profi can make really great money, unlike ordinary traders.
Участник с May 06, 2020   4 комментариев
Jun 19 at 11:57 (отредактировано Jun 19 at 11:59)
Professional Traders are flexible and adaptable to the current market conditions. Risking 2% to gain 10% is possible in 2021 below, maybe from 2015. But 2022, especially today, 2% is quite a small risk to gain 10%. I agree, maybe a 20% drawdown can produce a 3% to 7% gain per month. But 2% to gain 10% is quite a tall order today. I am not saying it is impossible. Professional traders are just realistic depending on the market condition.
Участник с Jun 19, 2023   11 комментариев
Jun 19 at 12:44
However, it's important to note that individual trading styles and strategies can vary, and what works for professionals may not necessarily apply to every trader.
Участник с May 06, 2020   4 комментариев
Jun 19 at 14:55
I agree @JakeRobins. Even if the trading style what will work for both professional and ordinary trader, same system, they will produce different results. There is a big gap as well, more than people can imagine, between a profitable trader and a professional trader.
Участник с Jun 20, 2023   1 комментариев
Jun 20 at 16:25
And where is the best place to start? I am newbie
Участник с May 10, 2023   44 комментариев
Jun 20 at 17:54
@IkbalSk Try from begining:) Demo account first, read articles, books etc.
Участник с Aug 19, 2021   203 комментариев
Jun 21 at 11:07
Oh I would say everyone can make mistakes. Even the pilot mentioned above. The main thing is the ability to notice an error before it becomes large-scale.
Участник с May 22, 2017   65 комментариев
Jul 13 at 14:14
LeslieRuiz posted:
How can a beginner stop being nervous while trading?
Try to really accept the risk that you are taking and you need to accept the risk of losing as much as winning. Then you can be truly calm about any outcome and continue to trade.

In the markets anything is possible.

If you are risk averse maybe this is not the best business for you, but if you truly want to make you need accept losing trades as much as winning trades.

Hope this helps!
F*** it we ball!
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