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How to deal with Currency Correlation for Day Traders

Sep 17 at 14:30
1 комментариев
What do you think is the best way to deal with currency correlation as a Day Trader due to correlations between pairs changing so much. No one wants to unknowingly double their risk on two or three pairs that's correlated and ends up all hitting your stops because of correlation. Would you prefer to always check the currency correlation table every time before you add a second or third Intra-Day trade or is that too much to do?

Playing great defense over great offence.
Sep 17 at 17:45
141 комментариев
By the way, this is a very useful skill. If used correctly, the result can be quite interesting for a trader.

Sep 17 at 17:50
141 комментариев
It should be understood that to understand the correct use of this strategy, you need to have experience.

Sep 18 at 07:06
289 комментариев
You just have to interpret the forecasts correctly

Sep 19 at 00:50
624 комментариев
I think the correlation is a myth. Each currency moves at its own pace so no correlation is required.

yana hansen (78678676)
Sep 21 at 11:33
137 комментариев
Currency correlation is definitely a thing. Some currency pairs are related in value and move together.

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