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Looking to create an online forex group.

Jul 20 at 21:31
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Hey everyone,
I am looking for even just a couple serious traders to talk with and discuss trading. I am 22 years old and have been trading since I was 20. I primarily focus on day trading positions in GJ and XAUUSD. I am from a small town so there is nobody in my life that I can discuss trading with. Just looking for some FX pals in all honesty. All ages and nationalities welcome.

Jul 21 at 07:01
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If there is a trading community, it is possible to survive by trading. Analysis may be wrong but it needs to be patient. This is why online platforms can do a lot of good.

Jul 21 at 23:16
6 комментариев
I am a surviving trader. I'm just looking for fellow REAL traders

Jul 27 at 11:41
16 комментариев
You can share your strategies and queries over here and the members will help you out with that.

Jul 27 at 13:14
467 комментариев
You have little experience and want to learn trading together, or vice versa - want to help those who have little experience?

yana hansen (78678676)
Jul 29 at 04:32
137 комментариев
Interested. Where are you creating this group. Please share more details.

Jul 29 at 10:52
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Jul 29 at 16:54
670 комментариев
78678676 posted:
 Interested. Where are you creating this group. Please share more details.

I would also like to know at the same time how it is possible to create a trading group.

Jul 29 at 17:10
370 комментариев
Explain in detail how to create this Forex group.

Jul 31 at 12:44
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