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New to trading - enquiry re robots and the like

Andrew (andrewbr)
Jul 16 2017 at 07:02
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Hi there fellow traders

I am just starting out and somewhat astounded by how much there is to learn in the Forex world. Having traded shares before, including an amount of technical charting based trading, I expected my learning curve to be fairly simple.

I have noticed that some traders use Robots and other tools to automate trading and so have looked around at some options in this area too. There seems to be a wide range of these, but they do seem that they could take some of the complexity and volatility out of getting into trading.

I came across some new trading robot like tools from a company called NightingaleFX which seem to offer some good capabilities - particularly their 3p Trading Panel which automates trading based on a trading strategy I configure into MT4.

Wondering if anyone has had experience with them. I have signed up for the Beta and have installed the EAs into MT4 and starting to try them out.

Jul 18 2017 at 06:38
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Andrew (andrewbr)
Jul 19 2017 at 06:52
4 комментариев
Still early days testing with demo account but seems to be well put together. Documentation and intro videos are helpful.
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