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Newbie looking for guidance and support

Jul 02 2021 at 11:58
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mawao123 posted:
Just to give everyone an update. Since i posted this question almost a year ago i have tried several methods but havs settled for price action. Very little use of indicators if i am honest.

Each person will discover their own style when they get into it. Both have merits i guess.

I am on my way to a funded account now.

Thank you.
Yes. You are right.
Jul 10 2021 at 07:28
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I think what’s better is to not invest your own money at first because you are in the learning phase. Once you have learned enough, you can then think of investing your own money.
Jul 11 2021 at 10:20
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the beginners level for all time ignore the demo account but in practical demo is the master place place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly.
Elena Triston (ele020)
Jul 12 2021 at 04:48
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billysnyder posted:
I think what’s better is to not invest your own money at first because you are in the learning phase. Once you have learned enough, you can then think of investing your own money.
Are you saying trading with borrowed funds???? What if you loose them completely? How are you going to repay it?
The more your practice, the more you learn.
Jul 13 2021 at 10:26
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Make a good plan to survive in this market.
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 19 2021 at 20:25
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There are many things that can help a beginner to have fewer stumbling blocks in the trader's walk.

The beginner needs to compare himself to a child who is learning to walk, he does not know what it is like to walk, what it feels like to walk, or where to start learning to walk. She just watches people walking, and she believes she can walk too.
The difference between a child learning to walk and a trader is that walking is instinctive, sooner or later the child will learn, while trading in the market is counterintuitive. Then it will be necessary for the operator to force himself to acquire this knowledge.
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 19 2021 at 20:30
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In this case, without even knowing it, it will use resources to start walking, it will lean on the wall, it will observe other walks, and it will fall many times...
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 19 2021 at 20:32
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So there are some very important points to cut this short.
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 19 2021 at 20:33
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1 - Being close to those who have a result in the trade (swing, position, day trade), result that is possible reliable verification.
2 - Learn the math of the market (what is the theory, fundamentals and how it works)
3 - Understand what the market demands from the operator (what is the competence that this operator needs to stay in the market)
4 - Stay away from a real account until you understand these previous steps, because until you understand this, the only thing that a real account will help you is taking your money.
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 19 2021 at 20:33
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Note that before creating a strategy, there are many steps to understand, so focus on that process first!
Jul 20 2021 at 07:06
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Every mistake is possible, to make yourself better and achieve better results, it all depends on how you perceive it.
Djan Viana (DjanLuis)
Jul 21 2021 at 02:19
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Kazile posted:
Every mistake is possible, to make yourself better and achieve better results, it all depends on how you perceive it.


It is very important to learn from mistakes. Hence the need to be close to those who already have results or experience, to help differentiate what is right and wrong in this journey.
Jul 26 2021 at 05:08
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This forum I would say is one of the best of the new as well as experienced traders to share, learn, and gather experience for becoming a mature trader over the years. All are welcome to this wonderful community.
Aug 05 2021 at 15:57
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Try the demo first. Learn before thinking about earning.
Aug 06 2021 at 04:45
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Hi, I do not suggest signals personally I do not vouch they help at all.
It is best you stick to a demo account, so that you get better at trading, but be aware that once you go into live trading things change, as you would also need to be able to control your emotions for example, and that cannot be trained from demoing. However demo trading is important. As you move on to actual trading make sure you have set a strategy and that you use proper risk management plans. Never risk more than you are willing or able to lose. It is best to use a stop loss and to avoid trading highly volatile pairs. Keep reading articles and posts when you feel you need more info on a topic, as you can find a lot of info online. There are also some courses but they tend to be too expensive in my opinion.
Aug 06 2021 at 08:38
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The beginner should use demo account minimum for three months, sometimes many brokers organize demo contest with real money prizing. Newcomers can join here. It could be great to acquire real trading exeprince.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Aug 06 2021 at 15:33
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Hi! I'm new here as well. Have some experience trading live. Wishing you luck!
Aug 07 2021 at 06:24
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Of course, for a start, a beginner should only use what can help him, they will get comfortable a little and not lose their funds, therefore a demo account and the help of experienced managers provides a very good opportunity for those who start trading in this area.
Nov 18 2021 at 07:35
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Everything you have to do at your initial stages is to continue watching videos, reading information and trading on demo. You know that it's not easy to master trading activity right away. It's required plenty of time, and then, this time will be turned into experience, which will help you to earn money. That's why I always advice novices not to rushing. You should continue do learning stuff in order to understand the mechanics of the market.
After that, you can start trading on a real account and you will earn money. Of course, you have to mentally prepared for it.
Jan 13 2022 at 20:51
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Well, if you are looking for a guidance, then you definitely chose the right option to ask a help on forums where traders can help you. Actually, if you are a new trader then it's enough for you to learn information from various resources, watch videos and webinars. Of course, you should maintain this learning with practicing and demo account suits here best. Yu can apply to your broker and explore the conditions which it offers, perhaps there is educational content, which can teach you basic and fundamental notions in trading activity. Remember that you should never stop learning and continue learning even if you start making good money.
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