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Which exotic pairs are good to use for trading?

Mar 28 2022 at 10:40
61 комментариев
Please share your experience on what exotic pairs are quite good for trading.
Mar 28 2022 at 11:15
801 комментариев
Now pairs with the dollar can sometimes also be called exotic.
Mar 29 2022 at 14:41
93 комментариев
Frankly, I have such a bad experience with the exotic trading pairs! That’s why, currently I use only the major Forex currency pair!
Mar 30 2022 at 01:49
57 комментариев
I avoid trading with exotic pairs since they are harder to predict and their liquidity never seems to stay higher. 

Beginners and newbies should stick with major or minor pairs to avoid consistent losses.
kaia7 (Fu7Ke)
Mar 30 2022 at 03:28
2 комментариев
EURUSD is very good, the spread is small
Barton (Barton90)
Mar 30 2022 at 06:39
6 комментариев
Fu7Ke posted:
EURUSD is very good, the spread is small
Agree. I also regularly trade on this pair. But I would not advise you to get involved with exotic ones, it is better according to the classics.
May 16 2022 at 21:18
13 комментариев
exotic pairs are distinguished by the lack of high liquidity and this thing actually makes them hard to trading. I firstly traded exotic pairs when I had already have a 6 months experience in trading because I understand that high liquidity market is more preferable to me. Yeah, one can state that low liquidity means less volatility and it's true, but I got used to earn money on the volatile market that's why I am not interested in exotic pairs. Try something like gbp/mxn, I guess nowadays it's quite a fascinating currency pair. Try to combine the currencies based on the situation in the region, latin america for example these days is developing.
Aug 14 2022 at 16:44
25 комментариев
Let's sort it out.
Exotic currency pairs are two economies that are still difficult to call developed.
So, it is a lack of stability (if we are talking about technical analysis).
It may be suitable for fundamental trading (but again, you have to wait for the moment and follow the situation very carefully).
Aug 14 2022 at 17:09
20 комментариев
It is difficult to give specific advice on such matters. It is not, after all, a general recommendation.) So maybe you should listen to the majority opinion - use basic or cross pairs, and try exotics on demo for now and draw conclusions.
Maybe with time you will give up the idea altogether.
Aug 15 2022 at 15:24
7 комментариев
rouble was best performing currency this year so could try that
Sep 06 2022 at 11:38
70 комментариев
If you are a beginner, I suggest avoiding exotic pairs since they are low in liquidity and have less trading activity compared to the major currency pairs.
Sep 07 2022 at 11:53
45 комментариев
I usually go for EUR/USD currency pairs as they are the most valuable because they provide the highest liquidity among other pairs.
Sep 08 2022 at 10:05
24 комментариев
Only once have I dared to trade exotic pairs, which resulted in devastating losses. I lost my money and haven't played since. I just trade majors since it works the best for me.
Sep 12 2022 at 11:15
20 комментариев
You can try USD/HUF as it is one of the most popular exotic pairs. But a beginner should only trade major pairs until they gain some experience in the market. Exotic pairs are very risky to trade with as they often lack liquidity and are too volatile to begin with.
Sep 17 2022 at 13:48
93 комментариев
There are hundreds of video tutorials available on youtube by watching which you can flourish your trading basic.
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