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Oct 02 2019 at 14:53
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10% in a month is not huge , but if you can bring it consistently of course it can be huge gradually. whats target you have in a month ?
Oct 04 2019 at 21:07
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Pikasso posted:
I make 3-4% profit per month and it's very good result for me and for my investors. I am really calm with risks.

That's an excellent ROI if it's consistent.
Is that averaged over an annual compounding? or is that a flat 4% per month?

Either way... Good job. It's better than most.
If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a scam! Let the buyer beware.
Oct 18 2019 at 10:28
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Actually how much we can earn our trading it depends on the markets movements. It’s not countable at all by our trading accounts. I was profitable when I started my live trading with 1K. but I did huge loss when I increased my balance in 2.5K but there was same strategies with same money management.
Oct 19 2019 at 16:16
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for beginners according to me, initial capital should minimum $250 , any smart initial amount can make you more confident when trading in practical. so we cant avoid the importance of this at all.
Oct 31 2019 at 06:54
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I think; traders should start according to their own space; even there is no problem with 100$. The key point is; trading with a good trading skill!
Oct 31 2019 at 09:21
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10% isn't huge on paper, but it does offer some risks. Personally I do not set targets, I trade and whatever growth is achieved is achieved.
ForexViking69 (ForexViking69)
Nov 16 2019 at 17:17
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I’m probably averaging around 2% a month which doesn’t seem like much but with compounding and the amount of capital I managed to start with. I also have a riskier account that i’m hitting around 4-5% but with much less capital. Mostly use the high risk to hone my skills. I’m not even doing the overall % math with both accounts but more than a mutual fund return :)
Nov 18 2019 at 06:55
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i think 10% is way to much for consistency, for me atleast. yet. till now 2-3% is what i have been able to achieve and trying to move to 4%.
Nov 18 2019 at 12:09
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10% is huge. A hedge fund manager would saw off their own arm for 10% a month
Nov 19 2019 at 08:15
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Honestly, I feel 10% per month is less realistic. Every month is not the same. Results vary month to month. Some months there may be 1-2%, other it may be 7-8%.
Nov 21 2019 at 07:53
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my target is try to manage money accurately, i think try to manage your money when trading in practical , only money management can change your trading life , otherwise no way to survive in here with successfully. 
Nov 26 2019 at 07:30
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For keeping survive in this volatile trading place confident is needed but overconfident is will harmful , sometimes because overconfident then leading trader greedy in trades, and dare to take risk in trading which actually the market very dynamic and not always after trade open trades then will directly get profit.
Nov 27 2019 at 08:45
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10% is a lot and very impressive if kept steady and consistence for every month. I would say 2%-4% is a good target. Low risk but good profit in the end.
Jul 03 2021 at 16:57
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Imamul posted:
my target is try to manage money accurately, i think try to manage your money when trading in practical , only money management can change your trading life , otherwise no way to survive in here with successfully. 
Wish you all the best.
Jul 08 2021 at 12:49
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Right now, I am focusing to make a 5% return monthly.
Aug 06 2021 at 14:44
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Nov 18 2021 at 07:53
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I got used to think that the main objective for a newbie in trading is 5% of profit per month. Moreover, it's better to learn how to trade with minmum losses and don't pay attention to the statistics of profits on initial stages, because if you wil concentrate on profits, you will be very disappointed by losses. It affects your mental health. In order to start making profits and run statistics, you have to be prepared for losses and take them for granted.
However, every trader decides y himself how to behave in such situations. Some prefer other options.
Nov 18 2021 at 07:59
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😄 spot on
Nov 18 2021 at 12:10
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sometimes target works to fail in spite of having good knowledge and trading plan , because market is soo uncertain and no one can predict the market.
Nov 24 2021 at 06:48
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It depends on your experience in trading activity. If you're an experienced trader then your target should be at least 30% per month, however if you have recently started trading, then your main target is not to lose your money, because the lack of experience often leads to such unpleasant consequence as dumping of your deposit.
Nevertheless, you shouldn't be isappointed by this fact, because success in trading directly depends on your experience and skills. You should train for a little bit on demo and then you will be able to start real trading. Of course, you can become a master in trading faster, if you will comply with rules.
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