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LinexMarket EA (By Lollipop )

Прибыль : +4929.67%
Просадка 46.66%
Пипс: 24782.1
Сделки 3344
Качество модели: 99.9%
Столбики в тесте: 55881
Смоделировано тиков: 124353344

Форвард-тест LinexMarket Main

LinexMarket EA Обсуждение

Dec 09 2015 at 08:27
11 комментариев
The LinexMarket EA trades using a grid of orders for AudNzd trend corrections. The Expert Advisor is suitable both for aggressive traders who are ready to take the risk for the sale of high profits, and for conservative traders who seek for stable monthly income with a low drawdown. A ready trading strategy is implemented in the EA, so you only need to adjust risks.


Dec 17 2015 at 07:34
11 комментариев
Also here is the backtest for NZDCAD pair. The set file is in the commnet section on the product page.
Jan 17 2016 at 09:51
4 комментариев
Jan 20 2016 at 07:26
97 комментариев
>6 month live track record available? there are no real buyers and sellers in backtesting and forward demo!
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