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API to access historical liquidity / COT reports data результатов голосов

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API to access historical liquidity / COT reports data Обсуждение

DV Cadmael (jjcadiga)
Mar 03 at 07:01
3 комментариев

My suggestion is to add an API for developers to access your database of current and historical liquidity and COT reports data.

Addtionally , it would be helpful to provide access to the system analytics as part of the API , and I'm sure many other parts of the site.

This would be very valuable to aid in private research efforts.

Unless this already exists?

I would be happy to offer my software development skills to aid in making this a reality, if myfxbook API does not already exist.


In god we trust, all others must bring data.
Mar 11 at 11:23
4 комментариев
I think it’s a great suggestion. I am sure that there are many traders who would support this thought.

Mar 22 at 10:04
13 комментариев
I haven’t thought of that. It is a nice idea and I hope it gets recognition. Good luck.

Apr 06 at 04:26
15 комментариев
This seems like a fair suggestion and I hope someone considers it soon.

Apr 14 at 07:40
13 комментариев
That’s a great thought. I have been thinking of this for quite a long time but was not sure whether other traders are also looking for something like this.

Apr 23 at 05:22
10 комментариев
That is an amazing suggestion. I hope it works out fine for you.

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