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Comparison of spreads time wise результатов голосов

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Comparison of spreads time wise Обсуждение

Rajiv (rajivzz)
Mar 14 2015 at 05:10
30 комментариев
Hi fxbook

if you add this feature with that we can spreads of brokers time wise then its nice and new thing
i want to know tightest spread in 21 gmt to 24 gmt from all brokers
plz add this option
Its working No GRID, No MARG, No ARB, No HEDGE ,No HFT Open and Close single trade at a time Avg. Trade Length: 1 Hour Expectancy: 1.8 Pips Near 600 Pips Made in 2.5 months Verified Real Account (Double Green Ticks)
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