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Strategy analysis according to Comments результатов голосов

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Strategy analysis according to Comments Обсуждение

Sep 17 2010 at 11:16
2 комментариев
I'm trading several manual systems and would like to be able to analyse these strategies somehow. I always use the same comment for each systems' trades so the simplest solution would be to filter by comments.
Obviously if my comment is XYZ the analysis has to take into account XYZ[tp], XYZ[sl] or XYZ[sl/gap].
For me this would be the biggest advantage of using MyFxBook.
Sep 18 2010 at 16:19
68 комментариев
Sep 18 2010 at 22:22
2 комментариев
I can do it in Excel so I'm sure it is possible...
Ethan (Staff)
Sep 21 2010 at 08:00
1401 комментариев
Yes, this is indeed possible and is already on our to-do list.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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