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XAU-USD (Gold) Amount Of Pips результатов голосов

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XAU-USD (Gold) Amount Of Pips Обсуждение

Renaldo_Spot (Forex_Ro)
Nov 22 2017 at 07:37
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MyFXBook shows the amount of pips in a open/close trade multiplied by 10
example : 48.00 pips, when there's just some cents made ($0.41)

This could be the way gold is meant to be measured, but is there a workaround for this?
as this will changes/affect stats drastically...

Somebody that can give some advise on this ? beside trading 'Gold' from a whole different
broker account, to get a better view on overall won or lost pips ?

Thanks you per advance.
Jul 02 2018 at 12:46
27 комментариев
I use another analysis tool and have the same problem. I am guessing this could just be the nature of how gold is 'calculated'. Would be great if this could be fine-tuned and sorted out of course.
Jun 05 2019 at 06:37
1 комментариев
Digging up an old thread but I am having problems with this as well, it's so annoying! My stats are showing i'm minus 1700 pips due to a couple stops on gold, but the reality is of course nowhere near that. It seems really silly to me.

Would be good to sort this out.
Aug 01 2019 at 20:22
1 комментариев
I am having the same issue, it throws off all your stats!
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