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Alfred_Georgeson_Scam (By ForexScam )

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Alfred_Georgeson_Scam Обсуждение

Mar 28 2011 at 04:34
1008 комментариев
*Arbitrage Expert Advisor Scam*

Another Email pops up today that is advertising another phantom Metatrader Robot(EA).

The email was straight to the point... 'Look, real account, real results, investor password. Enjoy.' And, honestly, what else can we ask for, right? Well an honest FX broker is #1 to start off with.. But, go on. continue to read.

Login: 4096
password: $1million
server port: --- Later known as FXCH-- below is one comment on this broker

''FXCH is using a different price compared to the other brokers. When FXCH is using f.e. a price for the EURUSD of 1.816 then the other brokers are using a price of 1.800. The difference of 16 pips are to your disadvantage.

WARNING. Be very careful.'' quoted from (https://www.earnforex.com/forex-brokers/FXCH)

Ok, back to the Email information that I received today.

I logged in, looked at a few trades,

1.) Trade closed within 1 minute for 1 pip
2.) Trade closed within 1 minute for 1 pip loss

It didn't take more than a few seconds to see where this was going. The best part is the spreads offered by this broker FXCH -
1 pip FIXED spreads on ALL PAIRS. Don't believe me? Look at the attachment.

As i was trying to figure out what broker offers the 1 pip fixed spreads, I had to google the server port # and this is when this website popped up in the search;


I looked a little closer and sure enough, I saw the login details for this same account that was in the email that was sent to me today.

 If you have been on this site for longer than 1 year , then this name should ring a bell : Dominic
For others that do not know this man, he built an Arbitrage Expert Advisor

 Is this legit? HELL NO.

More to come............

P.S. if anyone can be so very kind to add the discussions from previous Dominic discussion, that would be fabulous.

Mar 28 2011 at 04:55
1008 комментариев
Fun Fact: The Real live account server from FXCH is actually the same server used for DEMO accounts at Velosity4x.com( No longer in business of course.)

source: https://www.forex-tsd.com/metatrader-4/3504-list-mt4-demo-server-ip-addresses.html

FXCH - Has been labeled as a SCAM
Jun 08 2011 at 23:11
24 комментариев
it's okay, but as far as I see the robot makes a pretty good result... and with more than 300k withdrawal is just unbelieveable. Btw. do you know anything how it works, what sort of variables do you have to change etc.?
Юрий (Dem_mad)
Sep 19 2011 at 07:54
57 комментариев
And you have a website seller of this adviser?
As far as I can see so far removed from the earnings of the account.
Login: 4096
password: $ 1million
server port:
Sep 19 2011 at 11:20
1008 комментариев
Sep 19 2011 at 11:23
1008 комментариев

   Hubertus88 posted:
   it's okay, but as far as I see the robot makes a pretty good result... and with more than 300k withdrawal is just unbelieveable. Btw. do you know anything how it works, what sort of variables do you have to change etc.?

its arbitrage . Use low latency feed against high latency feed and scalp the difference..
Feb 28 2012 at 19:35
3 комментариев
Will the broker, allow this or will he close the account?
Jun 27 2012 at 12:11
1 комментариев
does one of you get answer from Alfred Georgeson or from ECN_FX_Robot? I want to trade with this Robot and settings, perhaps at profit sharing, but I dont get answer. I would be glad if I can work good with somebody with this robot.
Investing (vramirez)
Aug 03 2012 at 20:10
6 комментариев
This man, is nothing but a crook, I tried to contact you to purchase the robot and removed me from facebook for asking your camera and confirm the data. Simply hiding something.

In addition to this look with your eyes what he said about the robot appeared 4xninja.com his statement, he said he sold his statement to them ... That is not done! is a scammer.

Do not fall into their trap, ask to be paid by Liberty Reserve but not to return your money, justify your income with brokers already determined to be bad, and take advantage of this to close deals on the market long ago. I think it is better to trade Forex for themselves.

It is my personal perception, you are warned.

Victor Ramirez


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