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Attila FX (By forex_trader_[1648977] )

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Attila FX Обсуждение

Attila FX
Mar 12 2021 at 23:33
3 комментариев
10 weeks
I experienced a 72% drop due to my aggressive strategy.
I have recovered and since the beginning of the year my earnings have exceeded 1000%.
Capital and / or donations to be made with this account; I will use this to raise money from communities that finance capital-strapped merchants.
eg ftmo,% 5ers etc.
Btc : 17n1mZXd3TDTBhSLbFhYnCoWK5uSdvmrvs
Eth : 0x3a73595B32e5A710aE6bf11086bA174C04d89df8
Bch : qpj5fx6nh4w9kypderh6t34m4ya69tqg9sq7z9v34z
Usd-D : 0x3a73595B32e5A710aE6bf11086bA174C04d89df8
USDT : 0x3a73595B32e5A710aE6bf11086bA174C04d89df8
Apr 01 2021 at 13:08
12 комментариев
Wow, your system looks very good and profitable. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.
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