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Basket Trade (By SwapTrader )

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Basket Trade Обсуждение

Apr 30 2018 at 06:25
24 комментариев
Is it possible to trade successfully using only currency strength as a guide to trading? In Basket Trading, I use no more than currency strength analysis to select and match currency pairs with greatest strength divergence, i.e. strong currency paired with a weak currency. There are no technical indicators or fundamentals considered. In fact, there are no price charts. Imagine that?

May 02 2018 at 07:42
24 комментариев
My basket closed early this week, hitting its 500 pip target overnight. Not bad for 2 days trading, and nothing to do now until the Monday open next week.

May 02 2018 at 13:37
264 комментариев
Seems to be doing well! Why not apply this trading to a nicely funded account?

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