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CovertFx (by keltnerpro)

Прирост: +734.5%
Просадка: 54.55%
Пункты: 22216.1
Сделки: 2024
Тип: Реальный
Плечо: 1:200
Торговля: Автоматизированный
Ben (Kibby)
Jan 09 2017 at 08:10
5 сообщений
I haven't purchased keltner or covertfx yet but I'm interested in them both. Would you say one is better than the other?

Jan 09 2017 at 16:37
49 сообщений
Hi Ben,

It really depends on where your interests lie.

CovertFx trades on 10 pairs where as KeltnerPro trades on less.

KeltnerPro has shown profitable results for about 2 and half years now.

You will see a lot more trades on CovertFx.

Both work well, but it's really a matter of what interests you.

Jared Rybeck

SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Jan 16 2017 at 08:14
57 сообщений
Hi Jared,

Will this EA handle weekend gap? For the GbpJpy, it seems false signals for the buy. Can I suggest this EA to stop trading itself when market open for few hours after weekend? Just my opinion.


Jan 16 2017 at 15:52
49 сообщений
Yes it handles weekend gaps fine. It won't trade.

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jan 17 2017 at 07:54
1607 сообщений
keltnerpro posted:
Yes it handles weekend gaps fine. It won't trade.

I guess as well as the last 7 months... See below screenshot...


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SleepingFX (SleepingFX)
Jan 17 2017 at 08:03
57 сообщений
Hi, If it is breakout strategy, it should be go for SELL for the GbpJpy isn't it? ;)

Tones (alstoner87)
Feb 09 2017 at 09:23
4 сообщений
Can you confirm if this account is using all the pairs and settings from the manual? My trades exactly mirror this account and i've had a few losses on NZDUSD recently which haven't shown on your account.

Bolt (bolimascalper)
Feb 09 2017 at 09:58
15 сообщений
Feb 22 2017 at 12:41
44 сообщений

on your official covert account did it start with the latest settings on nov 10 2016 ??

meaning prior to that date were different settings used.
sure a remarkable feat starting with 5k and gaining 6 times initial deposit within less then a year.

i am just curious whats different starting nov 10 2016 onwards.

thx much and green pips to you.

Sep 20 2017 at 15:53
3 сообщений
If you had bought in Dec 2016 you'd have lost money. Not worth the year(s) of waiting for a profit and the uncertainty for USD 347
If this way 150 bucks or something I might take a punt on a small account and set and forget hoping for a move similar to when the stats started.

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