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Forex Robots 2011 Обсуждение

The Money Factory (Mikeyroll)
May 13 2011 at 01:07
3 комментариев
Hello! what EA are you using on this account? It is doing very well! May the pips be with you!

Damon (Damon)
May 16 2011 at 02:34
129 комментариев

Could you update your general info to display the EAs you are using? Otherwise it might as well be private.


1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Jun 12 2011 at 01:17
32 комментариев
Gain: -44.17%

This is because you use FAT Turdo EA, I can't believe people still use this rubbish product:

RIP FAT Turdo <a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>


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