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Fury Live Account FOREXcom (By Pay10)

Прибыль : +127.19%
Просадка 6.67%
Пипс: 1634.7
Сделки 1456
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:50
Трейдинг: Автоматически

Fury Live Account FOREXcom Обсуждение

Jan 30 2019 at 13:04
3 комментариев
Hi, did any body else use this fury system?

Jan 31 2019 at 07:01
48 комментариев
I dont know anyone personally but I am still running it. I have it live on my $500 and its up over 100% right now in a little over 3 months! I am also running it on 2 demo accounts to try and drill down the best timing to run the EA on different pairs.

But I know the site is running and you can buy the EA from them still. https://www.forexfury.com/

If you tell them I sent you (not sure if there is an affiliate link) I'll share my data with you on my settings and everything I have done.

Jan 31 2019 at 07:01
48 комментариев
Oh btw this account has been open for a long time but has only been running Fury bot by itself since November 10th 2018 I think.

Jan 31 2019 at 07:01
48 комментариев
sequel2k4 posted:
Hi, did anybody else use this fury system?

I have been running it since November 10th by itself without other EAs or trades changing the P/L. But I don't know anyone personally trading it.

I know that the people that put it out are still running demo accounts and a live account I think.

(I hope this posts, this is my 3rd attempt to reply)

Feb 10 2019 at 07:44
100 комментариев
GrooveDelicious (GrooveDelicious)
Mar 08 2019 at 08:31
15 комментариев
Hello - I've just started running Fury. I'm only a few days in but it looks interesting. My demo accounts made ~$1,000 yesterday! Have you found any message board / social media groups we should join for this?

Mar 12 2019 at 15:18
48 комментариев
@oportunis pretty much base settings, I adjusted the time of trade on my demos for testing and adjusted the risk profiles of EURUSD & NZDUSD other than that they are base settings that Fury tells you to use.

@GrooveDelicious I have not seen any sort of message boards or anything. But there isn't a whole lot to talk about really, I can share my analysis from my demos when I get around to doing it again and update here if you would like.

Sorry for the late response guys I usually just delete the emails from Myfxbook when they show up without looking at them haha.

GrooveDelicious (GrooveDelicious)
Mar 13 2019 at 08:13
15 комментариев
Let's stay in touch here, by all means. I'll also message in private to continue the conversation.

Mar 13 2019 at 13:17
48 комментариев
OTheFuture (OTheFuture)
Apr 16 2019 at 05:52
53 комментариев
I also am demoing a bunch of accounts on default settings but trade times vary. Pairs are EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD and NZDUSD. The spread is part of the startegy, I think, so I stay with low spread pairs. GBPUSD is not very low on my broker.

I have everything set to private but will share after a little more time passes.

There are a few random conversations and message boards out there, but not many. I really thought the 'members area' on the ForexFury website would have such forum where people could gather and discuss. Not sure why they dont have this sort of thing. Their support is fantastic and they firmly believe in the EA, but it'd be nice to discuss with people who aren't selling the damn thing.

So far my demo accounts are mostly looking really good. Not knowing what the strategy is really limits you setting wise. They just tell you its a 'time based' strategy but that says very little about what conditions make the EA trade.

Again, FX Fury is looking good, but I can't say it works longterm just yet. Thanks for the info you have provided!

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