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FX Rogue Wave Martingale - w/ Equity Manager - DEMO (By ibthescottyb )

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FX Rogue Wave Martingale - w/ Equity Manager - DEMO Обсуждение

Aug 27 2015 at 16:37
407 комментариев
It seems the Equity Manager EA I designed has protected the account so far.

Compare to another account running the same EA with same settings WITHOUT the Equity Manager EA.


Sep 06 2015 at 19:10
795 комментариев
looking good!!

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Sep 06 2015 at 20:29
407 комментариев
So far. Controlling Equity seems to help this martingale from running away. Also, a trade does not have to recover fully and hit its target to lock in profit across 8 pairs.

We will let it run the remainder of the month. Then go live.

Sep 06 2015 at 21:41
407 комментариев
Sep 16 2015 at 00:29
407 комментариев
Sep 22 2015 at 16:39
50 комментариев
But where has you gone to end his account with the new his EA?

Sep 22 2015 at 16:49
407 комментариев
It will eventually blow the account - nice to see all the wins - but without comfort in long term gains, not much point in continuing.

Sep 23 2015 at 20:41
50 комментариев
I'm sorry.
But his technique is interesting.
That is, an EA that opens in two directions is the way forex.
It would be enough just to determine the distance of the openings and closures of trade.
For example, I'm using a martingale system of my building with a cent account (RoboForex) $ 1,000 (100,000 cents) with a system of opening and closing only 2 pips for all positions set at 2 pips in the case of the first .
But the openings do not occur at a fixed distance of 2 pips when the price goes in one direction quickly. It has a kind of trailing, so when the price made its esploit and calm, open a next position and goes to recalculate the TP of all open positions, including those at a loss and profit in those who often are the last two. Thus positions with lot of from 0.01 open remotely with a multiple of 1.75, and the closing of all open positions only allows the entire operation to close always in profit.
In my case this works for a year and also sudden changes in price, have not affected.
But this is only possible and I say only an account of $ 1,000 cents (Cent 100,000) with a pair of couples stable and uncorrelated (EURUSD - GBPUSD - and at most AUDUSD).
If you want to send a copy of its accounts for EA in demo and I can change the parameters I would be grateful.
My email: xxomen2009@yahoo.it
A greeting

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