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Global Trading Pros 1:5 (by gtpfx)

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Jan 29 2017 at 08:17
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@gtpfx Please comment this:

This is from ACM FX terms and conditions. First of all if 'around' ten pips also include 1 pip then I guess ut also includes 20 pips, right? Your technic has a stop loss of 10 pips and trades once a day. That means that if over the course of two days you lost 1 trade and didn't trade an adjacent day then the account will be banned for scalping?

If your answer is that ACM FX is using mini pips please provide evidence.

Thank you.


Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Jan 29 2017 at 12:12
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Dear Krugo,

Or anybody else who like to discuss about ACM FX terms and conditions or anything else related to the broker ACM FX we advise to contact ACM FX and not us, we have noting to do with this issue or points. Also it are not our terms and conditions and we only discuss or give answers about our product and services and not about others.

Best regards,

Jan 29 2017 at 12:16
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hey come on guys this whole discussion is about acmfx self trading account. this is a GTP 1:5 discussion site. It has nothing to do with GTP. Sorry about that John. We can discuss at the appropriate message board.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Jan 29 2017 at 15:50
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Dear Greenday7711,

Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,

Jan 30 2017 at 07:51
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Sorry for posting the same twice, it wasn't intentional.

Well, John, I was actually asking if your product is violating you broker's conditions, and I think it is a question about your product.

Besides that, the service looks very good, and whatever is not on the report; I think you have done a very good job explaining.
So I don't hold any specific question about the way you trade or copy trades, but still, would like to see more of your customers share their experience with you here. Even thou, frankly speaking, I would still probably be more interested about their experience with the broker for obvious reasons. You can take that as a compliment since I am basically saying your service is well explained and seems impeccable.

If you look around in other threads, you would see a lot of comments regarding the broker the owner uses, and for good reason. That would happen even when the product offered does not tie the customer down to the broker; and again, I think you have done a decent job explaining why you chose to do so.

A broker is not just like any other business associate of yours, say your monitor supplier or what not. I would not ask you about Samsung's monitors (or whoever that may be) reliability, for example. You broker is the portal for every trade you make, and any capital you hold in regards; and in this case, it would be true for the customer as well.

Having said that, I do understand that there are limitations to what you can answer in regards to them. I also understand that you don't want to get off topic on this thread, and I really do respect that. I think well of you since I appreciate your responsive and eloquent manners.

So let me make my inquiry clearer:
Please reassure me, and possibly other people, regarding whether your service, in association with your broker, is a scam designed to help people build fortune only later deprive them of it by saying they are violating the broker's regulations.

Kind regards.

Global Trading Pros (gtpfx)
Jan 30 2017 at 09:26
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Dear Krugo,

Thanks for your nice words and in this way it is related to our services and i can simply answer on this that ACM FX know and approved our trade and risk management already for 18 moths. ACM FX scalping policy is based on close trades under 10 pips with in short time frames and we place 15 pips stops and 25 pips profit targets so this is not even close to what is written in there terms and conditions. Also we have a good relation with ACM FX and if we would trade against there terms and conditions they would warn us or discuss this with us. Also not one of our clients/investors had any withdrawal problems in the last 18 months related to scalping or to breaking ACM FX terms and conditions.

Best regards

FTDFX (eruditeX)
Feb 15 2017 at 07:26
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FTDFX (eruditeX)
Feb 15 2017 at 07:40
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Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Feb 16 2017 at 01:03
1557 сообщений
Don't invest with any brokers that don't allow scalping. It means they are market makers and are not putting through the trades to the liquidity market. They are b booking trades. It's a good sign of a scam brokerage. However this system may not be part of the scam itself, and would be good to see running on a regulated brokerage. I wish them luck.

Feb 16 2017 at 07:43
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Hello, how can you just copy your signal or cooperation Thank you very much

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