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GoldBull Pro Aggressive (By GoldBullPro Team )

Прибыль : +12082.75%
Просадка 18.57%
Пипс: 2668.1
Сделки 1899
Тип: Демо
Кредитное плечо: 1:500
Трейдинг: Автоматически

GoldBull Pro Aggressive Обсуждение

Apr 30 2015 at 19:57
7 комментариев
Hi. Do you have any live account instead of demo?

Apr 30 2015 at 23:12
795 комментариев

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May 01 2015 at 03:55
631 комментариев
if it worked on real accounts, you would see it.

May 01 2015 at 04:07
795 комментариев
Im hopeful....

Click on my Name to see My Live Charts and Bio.
May 01 2015 at 08:07
5 комментариев
mercury assuzu (mecmen)
May 01 2015 at 14:23
15 комментариев
@RedRhinoLab why do i see you on every programmers wall posting shit. You should try to fix your own shit man. Stop the hate

May 01 2015 at 14:27
407 комментариев
So far, my real account results are similar to the demo account results. However, I did have to convert my account to an ECN account and I think doing that, I cannot post my results to MyFXbook. Recommendations to date:

Your broker must have no limitations to stoploss and takeprofit. You can test this by opening up a pending order screen, it will tell you what the limits are on your account.

May 01 2015 at 14:27
407 комментариев
Also, I am only running the EURUSD on Aggressive settings and GBPUSD on Normal settings. Historical custom analysis shows that USDJPY has been on a losing streak for the past couples weeks. Why waste bandwidth when you can capitalize on the winning pairs?

May 02 2015 at 01:16
52 комментариев
Guys, I bought the EA last week through click2sell/paypal, put it on my live Tickmill ECN account running on super fast VPS with ultra low latency, but results are almost ALL negative trades on all three pairs (usdjpy the worst), far different from the misleading DEMO accounts they shown on the site to deceive potential clients! Btw, the only live account pointed out below become today suddenly 'private' just after my full refund request of usd 149 I sent to click2sell, paypal and to them! I'll post here again once I'll get definitive response about my refund request (also paypal dispute opened). Anyway, this crap software is a TOTAL SCAM, so stay away from these scam artist and save your hard earned money!

May 02 2015 at 06:51
631 комментариев
@mecmen if its a good system I am interested. If its unrealistic with deceptive tactics you may see my responses.

As autoTest71 confirmed this system is unrealistic. Fractal breakout with stoporders and using fast trailing... just like happy gold. It doesn't take a genius to learn these systems in a short amount of time. Breakout above high/lows using previous fractal points. - https://redrhinofx.com/happy-gold/ -

These systems work only on zero slippage environments, So you can find some decent market makers to accept your orders or try your best with DMA but without using market depth you will experience more slippage. It will come with losses that real customers experience.

Its the holy grail in the MT4 strategy tester because there is no slippage and you are using a FIXED Spread of whatever amount you want.

Thanks again @AutoTest71 for the confirmation.

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