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Happiness (By almfx )

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Happiness Обсуждение

Aug 10 at 17:45
241 комментариев
Applying our unique and adaptable trading strategy which has proven effective for nearly six years in these ever changing markets. Has brought us a lot of Happiness in the process.

Aug 11 at 05:59
1 комментариев
I would like to have a license copy of your EA, are you selling your EA>??

Aug 11 at 11:23
241 комментариев
Pratyushjain posted:
I would like to have a license copy of your EA, are you selling your EA>??

You can contact my whatsapp number on my profile

Aug 16 at 22:49
241 комментариев
we fully monitor every single trade we take, until it reach its goal.

Aug 20 at 10:03
2 комментариев
Just subscribed this week to your 'signals' with Signalstart.
When we look at your history of trading that is just simply amazing !! not a single losing month since 2015 !! keep up the good work !!
I am +4.18% so far this week. If you continue like this i'll renew my subscription every month !!

Aug 20 at 12:39
467 комментариев
Aug 22 at 11:12
2 комментариев
Statistically it is the best signal provider ! Very low DD, not a single losing month in 6 years, good profits. Looking forward to see the following months

Aug 22 at 14:42
241 комментариев
greenfxbook posted:
Not work

please explain what you mean ?

Aug 23 at 14:52
8 комментариев
for the last 14 years , i as a trader , i have never seen a system so successful like this, really amazing performance you have,

Aug 25 at 08:22
4 комментариев
@almfx Great trading results! Congratulations!

Could you please let me know why the gap between the GAIN (+15.688.02%) and the ABS. GAIN (+244.06%) is that big?
Gain : +15688.02%
Abs. Gain: +244.06%


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