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ktm-100 (By georgejoseph257 )

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georgejoseph257 (georgejoseph257)
Dec 23 2020 at 22:16
9 сообщений
Please check my trading portfolio.

The new portfolios which started only 2 months back are 100% EA trading.
I have backtest available from 1999. You can download the backtest from below link and open the htm file on any web browser.

PAMM available from keytomarkets.

Copy trade option available with any broker.

I have many accounts running with same EA but different risk settings.



Jan 15 at 09:50
21 сообщений
I will definitely look into your EA and since you claim to have a good historic data of those backtests, that's great.

georgejoseph257 (georgejoseph257)
Jan 15 at 20:25
9 сообщений
I have many mt4 profiles that runs same EA with different risk settings. Kindly check them too.

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