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maxi (By nume )

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maxi Обсуждение

Apr 30 2014 at 08:52
51 комментариев
Jun 05 2014 at 06:55
81 комментариев
Hi, i bought it because seller told me and mailed me that there is no question asked 90 days money back guarantee. See this screen shot https://postimg.org/image/yq1wdurc1/

Please dont buy this ea.
This is totally crap. You will get huge and huge negative floating and high drawdown.
Seller is also crazy. If you will ask many question, then he will start behaving like mad bull. He told me that there is 90 day no question asked money back guarantee and now when i asked him to send me money back, then he refused. I posted bad comment here https://www.plati.ru/asp/pay.asp?id_d=1378893
Then he told me that remove bad comment, then i will help you. Thats why you will not see any bad comment about this ea. But this ea is totally crap.
if you want more proofs, then contact me.
Dont buy it. He is not giving me money back. I will file case in russian police.

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