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NMi Super Scalper v1.9 - v1.16 DMA Обсуждение
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Пользователь с Nov 09, 2009  131 сообщений NewMillenniumInc Feb 29 2012 at 05:51 (Отредактировано Feb 29 2012 at 05:52 )
Hi ForexPro,

Thanks for the correction...........I thought it was the first Friday of the month......so put me down for this weeks 'Doh' award..... Anyways, I hear on the grapevine there will be some big news on the next chapter Greek bailout/default tonight unless I am again, mistaken.

Personally I dont follow the news much, except to view the action around the RED flag news events listed here: https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php Generally the RED flagged events cause triggers for this system, but not always - it depends on the deviation form the expected result and how many news trader have their finger on the trigger.

I've responded to every inquiry submitted to the best of my knowledge and always do my best to respond swiftly, and am apologetic whenever an inquiry is not replied to within 24hrs - which I'm sure many reading this will vouch for. If you'd kindly resubmit your message to me then I shall respond today - so long as I see it arrive in my inbox/s that is !

For the record if ANYONE has submitted an inquiry and not received a reply, its certainly not intentional and please keep in mind I receive alot of inquiries about this EA. The best practice is to submit an inquiry via the contact us page as outlined above https://new-millenniuminc.com/contact/ Other methods such as PM via myfxbook or via PM in forums are more likely to slip through the cracks but I will always seek to reply to all messages no matter where the source originates. smiley

you cant exect to come into FX and make a buck before you have paid your dues !

Пользователь с May 10, 2010  382 сообщений ForexPro Feb 29 2012 at 11:44
FYI I wrote through the above mentioned contact link and didnt get an answer


Пользователь с Nov 09, 2009  131 сообщений NewMillenniumInc Feb 29 2012 at 15:39
ForexPro, please check your myfxbook PM inbox smiley

you cant exect to come into FX and make a buck before you have paid your dues !

Пользователь с Jul 03, 2010  162 сообщений winnerforex Feb 29 2012 at 20:07
Not work in Live account?


Пользователь с Nov 09, 2009  131 сообщений NewMillenniumInc Mar 02 2012 at 12:50 (Отредактировано Mar 02 2012 at 12:50 )
Hi winnerforex,

In my recent testing it has, and so too mostly for the majority of beta testers, depending on choice of broker. In a short while I'll provide some real money performance links but I wish to build a little more real money trade history first, with my own trading and that of others. That's why its not for sale currently, amongst other reasons.

Basically, the short story is if you have MDP working profitably for you then you'll very likely be able to get this EA working for you - thats been the indicative trend with the beta testers to date. Traders using the NMi Super Scalper EA can expect to face the same challenges (slip and lag) as do MDP traders, albeit on different pairs.

Kind regards, Adam smiley

you cant exect to come into FX and make a buck before you have paid your dues !

Пользователь с Mar 01, 2012  1 сообщений Fx Capital Management (MyFxCapital) Mar 02 2012 at 18:08
MDP has trade in others currency GBPUSD & USDJPY, but i don't think is profitable.

Your Forex Investment Solutions

Пользователь с Nov 09, 2009  131 сообщений NewMillenniumInc Mar 04 2012 at 01:22
Hi Fx Capital Management,

I dont trade the UJ and GU with MDP, but I've heard (and seen) they trade infrequently and with mixed results.

My system doesnt trade either of those pairs that frequently either, but so far both have proven profitable on my system in real money testing and I don't plan on discontinuing their use. Actually the UJ is a favourite of mine, although the signals are less common, it generally trades with a high degree of accuracy, perhaps the highest of any pair.

The EURGBP is defnitely a bit lame, very few trades and an indifferent degree of success, so I discontinued that pair in the real money testing. The EURCHF although very profitable on demo, has since been discontinued also on real money testing due it its high relative spread and at times, extreme and unfavourable volatility care of the SNB tugging on side of the equation and the ECN on the other! Ive not seen so much slippage on any other pair but that one...........although I remain optimistic that on good feed it has potential, and will have another shot myself in the coming months now that I have secured a better quality feed.

Kind regards, Adam smiley

you cant exect to come into FX and make a buck before you have paid your dues !

Пользователь с Dec 26, 2011  50 сообщений Jumper73 Mar 06 2012 at 14:24

Simple question. Are you selling this EA? If yes, then why? I mean, if something you develop, which you trust and you trade with on your own account, why to sell it?


Пользователь с Nov 09, 2009  131 сообщений NewMillenniumInc Mar 06 2012 at 16:56
Hi Jumper73,

I guess that makes us both 39 this year smiley

Your biases are clearly evidenced in your questions, but dont sweat that, we all have our outlook shaped by the belief's we hold to be true. Certainly I expect to field this type of question so you've provided me with perfect opportunity to respond and elaborate some more.

1) Am I selling it? yes, thats the plan, but it may change if I rustle enough funds as assets under management (AUM) in advance of getting to stage whereby I can launch it commercially. Its my personal preference to avoid the workload associated with selling it en-masse, but I'll come to a final decision at precisely the right time in the best the business interests of NMi and its partners.

2) Why would I sell it ? well, why wouldnt I ?

a) Because I believe that the mass distribution would ruin its edge ? If that was my belief then I wouldnt sell it, I wouldn't want to ruin it for myself. But, thats simply not a belief I subscribe to (although I fully realise that many do), rather I think its a very convenient excuse used by EA system designers or their Vendors to explain a system failure. Basically that its 'been a victim of its own success'.

But how about a case in point: MDP has sold 70k + copies, and it works for plenty still to this day. A truly good strategy doesnt die and MDP is absolute evidence of that.

b) Because I could make more if I kept it private ? If that was my belief then I'd have to be of the position that I can make a great deal more than the 7,000,000 in sales income that MDP has achieved by keeping it private inside of the first 12 months. MM, well I'm not quite sure about that, though if you can suggest a way then I'm all ears.

Essentially I'm selling it raise more cash to trade it with much more capital than we have now - is this such a surprising response given the considerable time and cost invested to develope an EA? I ask you, what better reason should you be hearing from an EA designer?

Add to all of this that Ive taken on board a new EA coding partner recently with whom I feel I can make a significant amount of improvement over what you already see working, so by no means I am letting out the very best that I believe can be built, not by a long shot. But such development takes time, so it will be a while before the benefits of those future concepts make their way to a model you'd be using.

FWIW, Ive seen it working myself on various beta tester accounts at various brokers and almost without exception its positive. My recent testing with a new ECN feed showed fantastic performance on an initial 1k test (with regards slippage and entry, and the feed itself has very low spreads, as low Ive seen at any broker). Keep in mind this testing is to prove the system work to myself, first. I'm actually an extremely harsh critic of most systems and I can name very few I believe are truly profitable - rather fortunately for me its my belief that this is one of them.

Ive since set up a real money USD10k account (yesterday 6th March) on that new ECN feed running at 2 lot per trade per currency X 5 - which is 2 X the risk of the FWD demo. So you can call me convinced and my 10k account will become what I expect will come to convince you, too. I'll link that to myfxbook just as soon as its traded for at least a little while and got some runs on the board, maybe end of this week or next.

Keep an eye on this space.

Kind Regards, Adam smiley

you cant exect to come into FX and make a buck before you have paid your dues !

Пользователь с Nov 12, 2009  268 сообщений jsantos3 Mar 06 2012 at 17:07
How did you get the information that MDP sold 70k copies?

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