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PRECIS GBPJPY 3% *OLD* (By Ahmad Rafizi )

Прибыль : +22.34%
Просадка 8.92%
Пипс: 682.1
Сделки 118
Тип: Демо
Кредитное плечо: 1:500
Трейдинг: Автоматически

PRECIS GBPJPY 3% *OLD* Обсуждение

Ahmad Rafizi (rafizi)
May 20 2021 at 11:05
19 комментариев
10% gain target monthly. Trading will be stopped for the month once this is reached and resumed next month

Dmitriy (basssic)
May 20 2021 at 15:39
1 комментариев
Hey man! got few questions. Why would you stop at 10% and are you planning on running it on real account? and the final question, is this EA for sale?

Ahmad Rafizi (rafizi)
May 23 2021 at 09:28
19 комментариев
This is a grid EA so the less time it stays in the market the better. From previous tests, 10% per month is a reasonable target while keeping drawdown minimal. The original EA is a commercial one, you will need to purchase it from the maker Vasiliy of www.mforex.pro

Ahmad Rafizi (rafizi)
Jun 01 2021 at 06:47
19 комментариев
Account was deactivated by broker for some reason. Moved EA to a new broker but server was not found in the list to do verification. Have contacted myfxbook about this, as soon as it is verified it will appear in my portfolio.

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