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SCALPER PRO 2019 (By ScalperXXX )

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SCALPER PRO 2019 Обсуждение

Mar 06 2019 at 09:04
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Trader4hire posted:
thedlewis posted:
Trader4hire posted:
thedlewis posted:
Are there any results from before Feb 13th?

50% off the top is pretty high for something that only has a couple weeks of data behind it.

Im institutional trader, i have a very long trading history would have love to share if allowed, this is why i want to quit and go private with private clients, so many restrictions that i do not like, i regret signing the contract and will love to work with a private individual, 50 percent is not too high if you know me better, but will reduce with the size of initial deposit.

That trading above is replica on my institutional account i can not share, i have to ever trade that secretly for them not to know, as it will be breach of contract, i regret quitting accounts on private investors to join institution due to the millions in deposit, i was too excited then and jump to trade and sigh contract, imagin not being allowed to share trading history or even allowed open personal account, imagin making millions over the years and be paid or taken as a slave trader. I charge 50 percent because im full

 time trader and all your trades is my daily business, you can check my unique scalping technics, those are manual, you can give a test and see.

If you're giving up 50% of profits, where do taxes come in? I'm sure its different for every area.

Hypothetically you make me $10,000. I pay you 50% and then pay 40% tax on the full $10,000.

That leaves you with $5000 and me with $1000.

Send me a PM if my calculations are off or if there is another way around paying taxes on profits.

I sent you a PM

replied to PM, lets get in touch

Mar 06 2019 at 12:44
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This is my manual trading strategy NOT for Olas Miko. You can checkout the description by clicking 'General' or visit forexproscalper. blogspot. com for more info.

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