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ShayGuevara_Live_tracking_50k (By shayguevara )

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ShayGuevara_Live_tracking_50k Обсуждение

Jun 15 2015 at 21:59
10 комментариев
Hi Guys and Girls,

This is my new Global Prime demo account, tracking my live account with an MT4 trade copier EA. I do not want to publish any live account information, as it is a Corporate account and it is not my money.

I have opened all history, balances, SL and TP and current trade data for all to see, nothing to hide here.

If you have seen my other systems, you will know that I have been waiting for this account for a while! Well this is it! Feel free to follow me on this system, it is the exact same trading system and rules as the other Guevara systems that are on my profile.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything, please ask me here, or send me a private message. I would be happy to answer all questions relating to my trading style!

Thanks for looking, and talk soon :)


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