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Sheraton (By moneyfx2020 )

Прибыль : -99.9%
Просадка 99.99%
Пипс: 11782.6
Сделки 160
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:100
Трейдинг: Неизвестно

Sheraton Обсуждение

Dec 29 2020 at 02:11
3 комментариев
Jan 05 at 08:53
15 комментариев
I think you have a nice trading system. But I don’t think it will work for me because I cannot use this much leverage. It’s too high for me.

Jan 19 at 04:26
17 комментариев
The system looks amazing. Please provide some details on this. Thanks.

Mar 05 at 04:20
17 комментариев
Overall the system looks fine to me but there isn’t much information on it.

Mar 12 at 13:33
7 комментариев
Hi everybody
could you please help me to run my EA? Unfortunately, after I pay for the Sheraton EA from this Team(moneyfx2020) , he only sent me its ex4 and indicator file and never answer me again. NO answer! No support! No respect! I could send you screenshots of our conversation and money transaction if you want.
Now if there is somebody that could help me to adjust settings that make this EA work for me, I will appreciate it.
My email address: Mehrad.tahvili@gmail.com

Mar 12 at 13:51
7 комментариев
I said what I should. I lost and you rubbed my 250$. It's my duty to warn anybody who wants to trust you and your team. 😉

Mar 12 at 14:09
7 комментариев
what evidence do you want? If you mean 250$ , It is the money I sent to you for Sheraton Ea.
I let you know my real account before you sent me 2 files of ex4 and indicator. but I can't adjust them on Mt4 because I don't know how and you didn't help.

Mar 12 at 14:14
7 комментариев
This is what I got instead of Ea : : :


Mar 30 at 04:34
11 комментариев
The returns on this trading system are quite impressive. Great work!

May 08 at 14:17
23 комментариев
garrettlamb posted:
The returns on this trading system are quite impressive. Great work!

Wooow!!! good job!!!

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