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Sphinx EG (By estyle999 )

Прибыль : +4356.56%
Просадка 57.16%
Пипс: 4133.0
Сделки 4067
Тип: Демо
Кредитное плечо: 1:500
Трейдинг: Автоматически

Sphinx EG Обсуждение

richard13 (richard13)
Dec 28 2020 at 14:48
1 комментариев
$ 5000 plus per month is incredible, very good result

Dec 28 2020 at 15:14
2 комментариев
 The group for discussion and testing of the robot is here https://fxhub.biz/SphinxEGEA

Dec 29 2020 at 12:03
2 комментариев
scambuster999 posted:
open a real account at Tickmill with 100usd and use this EA 😀

Thank you. The robot is currently being tested.

Dec 31 2020 at 07:38
2 комментариев
I would expect better results on a demo.

Jan 20 at 10:39
21 комментариев
I can only imagine how you got such amazing returns on this. That’s really good.

Mar 02 at 04:35
12 комментариев
Not at all bad for that leverage. Keep up the good work and keep posting more of such systems. Good luck to you.

omar othman (omar082)
Sep 02 at 20:43
1 комментариев
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