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tigofx accumulator demo (By tigofx )

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tigofx accumulator demo Обсуждение

Oct 20 2009 at 19:01
134 комментариев
RJ1 (rj1forex)
Oct 21 2009 at 09:00
11 комментариев
You trade 100+ lots in one order? Can you explain how to buy that many lots in REAL account, e.g: how big the account should be?

Oct 21 2009 at 10:38
1 комментариев
Hi profijet & RJ1

This account is a demo of fx accumulator - but with - now hold on to your seats - REDUCED Risk Size!! 😇 The original settings blow your account in a matter of days ... if your lucky! 😲

I trade the ea on live accts and the trades are similar to the demo trades - however I keep the balance small - as a cash cow the ea could be usefull - the next months will tell if the run in the last months can be sustained!

RJ1 - if this would be a real account I would certainly crop the risk on the ea even more - so you would never end up taking those large positions - aside with accounts the size of 100k Plus you trade million lots anyway .. 😎


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