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UA-2008 (By iamartist )

The user has made his strategy private.


Apr 05 2019 at 11:40
422 сообщений
Please make it available on If you put your price at 40$/month you'll attract a lot of subscribers, me, amongst them.
Best Regards.

iamartist (iamartist)
Apr 07 2019 at 05:40
9 сообщений
I will try my friend. Thank you for you advice !

iamartist (iamartist)
Apr 07 2019 at 06:11
9 сообщений

I tried to make it available on mql5, but always problem confirmation by SMS. no any message come to my mobile.
so sad.

Apr 07 2019 at 06:50
8 сообщений
yes, please.. i am also interested to subscribe your signak

iamartist (iamartist)
Apr 08 2019 at 05:34
9 сообщений
dear friends.

you can try this new signal provide link which i just created on signalstart.


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